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NFC Ring, a ring that stores your personal information and unlocks your gadgets

NFC connectivity seems to have an established place in our future gadgets, and an young man from England believes that such a gadget could even sit on your finger, having a ring-like appearance with wireless key functions.

The NFC ring seems like a normal or a wedding ring with a modern design. However, it is equipped with two NFC chips(near-field communication). One that can be used for public information (can hold, for example, the e-mail address or could start a trivial Bluetooth communication with the smartphones) and one specially configured (and secure) for storing passwords, credit card or unlocking password for your mobile.

After you have configured the ring with the necessary information, you can use it in natural ways. For example, to open the digital door lock control (such locks are already equipped with NFC), approach the ​​ring to the control panel and you are allowed to enter house. If you have stored the smartphone unlocking password in the NFC Ring, it will be enough to get him out of your pocket with the hand that wears the ring, and it will automatically unlock the smartphone. The possible applications of NFC Ring are unlimited, and it can be used in so many fields. Maybe that’s the reason why the John McLear has already raised nearly £74,000 pounds on Kickstarter of the proposed amount of 30,000 pounds that he needs to get the ring into mass production.

On 23th July, the Englishman has provided a further 27 days to collect the full amount of money, so the NFC Ring will almost certainly become a finished product soon. In 3 days, the pledged sum was around £74,000 (I guess his ring got some overnight publicity). The price of the ring is only 22 pounds, and if everything goes according to plan, the first deliveries will begin in September.

via KickStarter