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biNu: How to turn your old phone into a smartphone

Even though smartphones have invaded the world in recent years, classic mobile phones are still present in most user pockets. A new company called biNu have laid eyes on this niche and it has created a number of Java applications that turn any “dumbphone” into a true smartphone.

Basically, biNu is a mobile software platform that allows old 2G phones to access services such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, instant messaging or news. The application works on any device that can run Java apps. It’s also available for Android phones or BlckBerry. According to the developers, almost any phone manufactured after 2002 is able to run biNu.

binu turn your smartphone

biNu works on an easy principle, basically, instead of downloading complete websites, the application breaks down each letter on the screen in a mini-image, which is sent to the phone along with information about where it will be placed. For this reason, biNu supports virtually any language and any special characters.

According to the developers, biNu is 10 times faster than normal 2G connection supported by a classic phone, and it consumes 10 times less data.

via BiNu