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Some of the most interesting Firefox Add-ons

Last year, we celebrated over 3 billion downloads for Firefox Add-ons. Although, in May 2013, Chrome was used all over the world 2 times more than Firefox, I still think that Mozilla’s product is way better than Chrome. Blame me, I love classics. The customization options are great on Firefox, you can add so many cool add-ons to your install. According to their statistics, over 85% of Firefox users have installed at least one add-on in their browser. The average number of installed add-ons is 5. Just after writing down these numbers, I have checked my add-on settings, and I have 7 installs there. So, I guess I am above average.

According to Mozilla Addon page, these are the top 5 most popular Firefox Add-ons:

  1. AdBlock Plus
  2. Video DownloadHelper
  3. Firebug
  4. Easy Youtube Video Downloader
  5. GreaseMonkey

For me, these are the top 5 most interesting Firefox Add-ons you should at least try:

  1. ImTranslator – Online translator
  2. Converter – Currency converter for any website
  3. Feedly
  4. Shopping – Best Prices, Coupons & Offers
  5. DoNotTrackMe: Online Privacy Protection