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10 Reasons why our world is a beautiful place

World wonders. Those two words probably sum up pretty well what I'm going to share next, a collection of amazing random facts from all over the world that will enlighten your day and it will make you think twice about your existence on this planet. I know I did! All these images were taken from Buzzfeed's 22 Facts That Prove The World Is Stranger Than You Think

Viewing platforms that will take your breath away

I am not particularly found of heights, I don't like to travel with airplanes and I will definitely not escalade the Everest peak. But, sometimes, you just need to push yourself to the limit in order to create everlasting memories. Seeing the World's greatness from a special location like a viewing platform that's suspended over an abyss will take your breath away instantly, giving you a glimpse of hope in your life. Auckland's Sky Tower This...