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Published on September 1st, 2013 | by Martha Kent


Short IQ Test:Spatial abilities

If you plan to test your spatial abilities and find how capable are you to perceive 3D objects in space, you can perform the following short IQ test. According to researchers, spacial abilities are related to a person’s IQ. The only difference between a spatial test and a common IQ test is that the subject does not need to have prior knowledge of mathematics or physics. You will find the answers in the end of the article.

1. Which of the following diagrams on the right can be folded into the left diagram?


2. Which of the folded cubes below is the result of the unfolded object?


3. Find the Rubik’s cube that is a part of the 3-sequence move.


[collapse id=”collapse_48″]
[citem title=”The correct answer to 1″ id=”citem_15″ parent=”collapse_48″]
Correct answer: A
[citem title=”The correct answer 2″ id=”citem_47″ parent=”collapse_48″]
Correct answer: A
[citem title=”The correct answer 3″ id=”citem_14″ parent=”collapse_48″]
Correct answer: C


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