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Thoughts from Space

We tend to believe that scientists, medics or even astronauts are non-believers and skeptics because of their work and their experiences. But in reality, seeing and working with the physical world may give you an insight on life, the greatness of our planet and our journey as humans. The following video is a 20 minutes trailer for a documentary called Continuum about astronauts and their profound experience in space.

Ships sunken during the American Civil War can be explored with Google Sea View

Google proves once more that it's more than an Internet company. After mapping a large part of the web with their online search service and after mapping Earth with their Google Maps service, they went one step further and analyzed in the smallest detail the Mary Celeste ship wreck which lies on the southern coast of Bermuda. Wrecked in 1864, Mary Celeste gathered a lot of attention in the 20th century. The ship has become a favorite destination...

Viewing platforms that will take your breath away

I am not particularly found of heights, I don't like to travel with airplanes and I will definitely not escalade the Everest peak. But, sometimes, you just need to push yourself to the limit in order to create everlasting memories. Seeing the World's greatness from a special location like a viewing platform that's suspended over an abyss will take your breath away instantly, giving you a glimpse of hope in your life. Auckland's Sky Tower This...

Miracles of Mother Nature: Strange Trees

Mother Nature manages to forge with craftsmanship and unmistakable precision, just like the director of a classic movie, to create an astonishing visual show. These surprising phenomena become places whose beauty surpasses any imagination. All over the place, perfect or strange shapes can be seen, adding more details to the everlasting movie that is skillfully assembled by Nature for many thousands of centuries. Be amazed by some of the greatest...