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Published on August 16th, 2013 | by Martha Kent


A tactile surface created with a projector and Microsoft’s Kinect

Microsoft has created an investment fund with the only purpose to help expand the functionality of Kinect beyond its current use as a Xbox 360 peripheral. The program is called Kinect Accelerator and it looks pretty promising.

Tactile Surface

Ubi Interactive, which has worked with Microsoft on this project, created a system that skillfully combines the Kinect function and a classic projector. Together, these 2 elements turn any surface into a touch area. Several versions of the software are available, starting with a basic display screen of 45 inches (price $ 149) and finishing with a larger display of 100 inches (price $ 1,499) that’s most expensive.

Many companies are equipped with projectors, so all they have to do is buy a Kinect device in order to add some interactivity to the projected presentations. The application runs on Windows 8 environment.

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