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Tech for Health: 4 Innovative Devices to Monitor and Improve Your Well-being

The main function of technology has never been to entertain or distract us, as many people perceive it nowadays. Too many of us think of the mundane smartphone when we hear about new technological discoveries, and too few think about our own health. Fortunately, researchers have realized the importance of prevention in medical care and have begun to provide us with more and more solutions through which we can monitor our health ourselves or even improve it. Here are some of them.

Smart Bracelet/Watch

Even people who are reluctant about physical exercise end up appreciating the numerous functions of smart watches or bracelets, which monitor not only the number of steps you take daily, but also the distances you cover, the number of calories burned, and even your heart rate or body temperature.

Thus, these devices not only motivate you, turning everything into a game with new goals to achieve, but can even convince you gradually to make a real change in your life. In addition, the information you can obtain about your health status can be invaluable.

Sleep Monitoring Device

How well do you sleep each night? If you wake up increasingly tired and feel your performance beginning to suffer, the explanation may come from such a device. Capable of collecting data from various stages of sleep, sleep monitoring devices can be connected to a special smartphone app.

You will have access to various data about your sleep, as well as suggestions for improving it. The displayed data will refer to the depth of sleep, how much you sleep, and even your heart rate during sleep or whether you snore.

Air Purifier

At this point in the development of civilization, air pollution is a certainty that we can no longer deny, so the only remaining option is to mitigate it. If we cannot take too many measures outside, at least not at an individual level, when it comes to the interior of homes, we have devices that filter the air, such as the Daikin air purifier.

These devices are used to eliminate dust, allergens, carbon monoxide particles, mold, and even unpleasant odors from any room in which they are installed. Thus, both you and your entire family can enjoy fresh and clean air and avoid any kind of allergic crises.

Smart Toothbrush

How well and how often do you brush your teeth? Given the costs involved in even the simplest dental visit, you’d better have a ready-made answer to the above question. Fortunately, a smart toothbrush can help you with this.

Thanks to the sensors in the brush head, this device is capable of recording brushing times, brushing duration in each oral area, pressure, and even brushing angle. Additionally, the app provides you with various other functions, such as challenges and rewards or timers. Even children can be convinced with their help not to avoid the toothbrushing routine!