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Angel Alvarado successfully juggles and solves three Rubik’s Cubes simultaneously.

In Bogota, Colombia, on April 1, 2022, 19-year-old Angel Alvarado achieved the fastest time to solve three rotating puzzle cubes while juggling, setting a new world record of 4 minutes and 31.01 seconds. Angel had previously held the record with a time of 4 minutes and 52.43 seconds, which he set in May 2021. He spent two years training for this achievement during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, with his initial challenge being to solve a single cube while juggling, which took him five months to master.

After adding more cubes, it took him a further four months to solve three efficiently. Angel’s training involved one-hour solves for just one cube, as well as three-cube attempts with a focus on consistency and accuracy. He wanted to prove to himself that he could achieve something this difficult through practice and determination. This achievement is the first juggling and speedcubing world record of Colombia and a significant personal accomplishment for Angel. Que Jianyu from China set the original record on December 23, 2017, and Angel has now broken it by over 30 seconds.