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A new artificial brain for autonomous robots was created by an important company

NVIDIA had a plan to use the power of accelerating solutions provided by artificial intelligence to develop a synthetic brain. It would be easily programmable and powerful enough to control robots. A large automation area has led to the launch of a commercial product.

Available at prices starting at $1299, the new Jetson AGX Xavier can become the brain of a new generation of robots and other intelligent machines.

It is delivered in batches of at least 1000 pieces and is basically a standalone computer, consisting of no less than 6 distinct processors. Managing basic functions and loading the operating system is done using a conventional octa-core processor based on ARM cores (8-core ARM v8.2 64-bit CPU, 8MB L2 + 4MB L3). The processing of artificial intelligence algorithms is done using a 512-core Volta GPU with Tensor Cores. The configuration includes two other NVIDIA chips that provide deep learning capabilities, image processor, video inputs and “artificial viewing” support.

Remarkably, the entire module has a very low power consumption of just 10W and enough capacity to process “30 trillions of calculations per second”.

NVIDIA is already released a list of key customers: JD.COM (an online shopping giant interested in developing robots for delivering orders to Chinese customers), Yamaha (drone AI) and Nanopore (a DNA analysis company) .

It remains to be seen if the release of the Jetson AGX Xavier will help NVIDIA become an important player in the field of artificial robotics and intelligence. It is certain that the manufacturer of graphics accelerators has made great investments in artificial intelligence technologies, and the company’s AI processing solutions have achieved impressive performance. Accumulated with the AGX Xavier Developer Kit, Nvidia already provides a complete solution for developing AI applications and deploying them in machines that are capable of performing complex tasks.