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Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease is now possible

The ‘Holy Grail’ of early detection of Alzheimer’s disease has been discovered: a blood test can help treat the disease just before the onset of the symptoms

Australian and Japanese scientists have developed a test that can detect the amyloid beta, the protein that deteriorates in the human brain, with 90% accuracy.

The test may slow down or even eliminate the disease, writes The Independent.

Today, Alzheimer’s screening tests are costly and invasive, but now the researchers who have published this study in the Nature journal have shown that the precursor molecules that form the amyloid beta protein can be detected using the new method in 90% of cases.

Although the approach is promising so far, increasing beta amyloid levels do not necessarily mean that the person will develop dementia, requiring more studies on a broader population to establish a safe and effective method.

Paul Morgan, professor of immunology at Cardiff University, said that the detection of the early signs of the disease represent the “holy grail” of research into Alzheimer’s disease.

Here’s a video that explains the Alzheimer’s disease: