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Tesla’s self-driving autpilot actually works on the streets

Tesla is aiming for big things in the near future. Recently, they have released a new video depicting how their self-driving autpilot technology actually works on the streets. In the video, you can see the entire experience of a being in a Tesla car while it is set to self drive in a real life common scenario. According to the man in charge of Tesla, Elon Musk, the autonomous driving system will be available on all future Tesla cars.

EmDrive Thruster – NASA engine that defies the laws of physics?

A group of researchers at Johnson Space Center (NASA, US) published an article claiming that they have built an engine that seem to defy the current laws of physics: EmDrive is the engine that consumes no energy and could take us to Mars in just 70 days. Over the years, I have read many articles related to perpetual motion or other "miracle engine" that apparently contradicted the laws of physics. But I never seem to take them too seriously....