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Do the Easter Island Heads Have Bodies?

The monolithic statues located on Easter Island have been intriguing visitors for centuries. If you’ve ever had the chance to walk those lands, you have surely asked yourself just one question: do the Easter Island Heads have bodies? What’s buried under those rocks? The mystery was solved when multiple images, which have quickly become viral, showed that these gigantic stone heads are attached to bodies sculpted with the same style.

The figures, also known as “moai”, were carved by the Rapa Nui people on a Chile island located in the Pacific Ocean. It is pretty difficult to estimate the period in which these figures were carved from monolithic vary, but most experts agree that they were made between 1100 and 1500.

Do easter island statues have bodies

The highest figure on the Island is known as “Paro” and is almost 33 feet / 10 meters high. Remarkably, there are over 887 Moai on the island. While the archaeological community was aware since 1914 that these heads have bodies, many people had no idea of the Katherine Scoresby Routledge expedition.

The reason people think that the Easter Island Heads have no bodies is the fact that there are about 150 statues buried up to the shoulders by the volcano. Here’s a part of their story!

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