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Cool water slide made of LED rainbow effects

Are you ready for some experimental fun? This cool water slide can be found at an indoor water park in Bremerhaven, Germany. It captures (or at least imagine) the complete experience of going trough a black hole, being decorated with LED rainbows, dot patterns, and shooting lights. The video was filmed by TubeRides1, a YouTube channel that's all about water slides that can be found all over the world. Do you like it?

How real is the reality that surrounds us?

In this article, I am going to challenge everything you think you know about you, the reality and about the Universe around us. Many of you could place the following lines in the category of conspiracy theory topics, but even so, these ideas are worth reading and think about, especially since they are backed by real science. If we take a look at the standard scientific model of the Universe, we learn that everything was created at one singular...