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Best display technology presented at CES 2015

Hey guys,  I’m sorry for not being too active during the previous weeks. My vacation overlapped with the CES 2015 and I was unable to write anything about the show or the technology presented there. My grandfather used to say that it’s better late than never, so today I decided to make a round-up of all the display technology presented this year at the show. It was a good year for display manufacturers, and I’ve seen few items that begged to be bought and placed in my living room. I couldn’t notice that Sharp attacked the show really hard, throwing everything it had at it. Let’s begin!

sharp free form display ces 2015

TVs were always a big thing at CES,  but this year we’ve seen many new things from various producers. Amongst them, the free form displays definitely caught my eye, and I will not be surprised if they will change the face of technology in the following year. Forget about the rectangular designs, this year everything is possible!

free form display ces 2015

These displays can be made in any shape, without bezel, allowing a new range of screens, monitors and devices to emerge. Oh, did I mentioned that most of them were observed in Sharp‘s camp? The Free-Form Display was introduced as vehicle-focused tech, but I can already see it implemented in future wearable gadgets.

sharp-ces-2015-around the piller

I’ve also seen a 60 inch LCD display wrapped around a pillar that reminded me of the classic Sci-fi movies from the 90s. I’m not sure it iss that practicable, but it looks damn cool and I can already see large companies wanting to place these displays in their waiting rooms.

Vizio Reference Series CES 2015 120 inch display

There was also an immense 120-inch 4K TV from Vizio present at CES 2015, a display from Vizio’s Reference Series models that will probably be so expensive that I will have to work for a full year to get it (joke!). According to the manufacturer, it will also feature a 5.1 sound bar and a 10-inch wireless sub-woofer.

But if we talk about expensive things, I should mention the “Pièce de résistance”,  the Holy Grail that made everything else look childish and faded. I’m talking about the “Beyond 4K” from Sharp, a 85-inch LED TV with 8K resolution. That’s 7680×4320 pixels, and right about now I’m asking myself if my eye can capture that amount of detail. While trying to come up with an answer, three words pop in my head: I want one! Oh,  considering the fact that there is a limited number of 8k cameras out there, I am not expecting this TV to be on the market anytime soon. And when it will be available, it will probably cost a fortune.

Sony was also present at the show, and they’ve exhibited their new line of high def projectors that can go up to 147 inches. I’ve seen a serious demo in their stand, with many high res videos (including a 4K video) playing at once on the same TV. Now that’s some computational power right there…

Sony FDR AX33

Bonus. You can’t have the 4K TV without a proper tool to shoot those 4K videos. Sony introduced their Sony FDR AX33, a 4K handycam with sick stabilization that’s able to shoot 4k videos in various environments. It costs around $1000.

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