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Solar Roadways promises clean energy and revolutionary technology

I have no doubt that the future will unlock new ways to create electricity. I teased this interesting topic before and most scientists seem to believe that solar energy will solve a lot of problems, including the need to use fossil fuel to power our vehicles.

Scott and Julie Brusaw are working on a project for a long time, a project that could change the future. They propose a special type of solar panels that can be used to create a complete network of solar roadways. Although the project seems bold, they’ve already created a working prototype for the interlocking hexagonal segment. Each such segment is covered with durable glass that can resist to 250,000 pounds of weight. Just watch the following video to learn more about the project.

When I first saw the video my brain instantly sparkled few questions about the project and its sustainability. Luckily, Scott and Julie answered to many of those questions on the project’s website. After years of flirting with the US representatives, they’ve turned to Indiegogo in order to get funding for the next phase of the project.

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