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GoPro News: new mounts, accessories and software

GoPro just announced the release of a new case with matte finish, a compact frame and a hinged flex mount. The announcement of these new items should bring great pleasure for GoPro HERO3+ and HERO3 owners who enjoy to use their cameras to the maximum. You don’t have to be a professional to get the new accessories (just an adventurer), but if you use the GoPro camera in your field of work, these new items will help you in your projects.

The Blackout case offers a non-reflective finish which prevents the reflection of light on the LCD window.

Other two additional accessories, the Frame and the Gooseneck, were just released to improve the versatility and the ease of GoPro recordings. For example, The Gooseneck is a seven-part articulated arm that allows the capture of hard-to-reach subjects.


On the other hand, The Frame brings extra functionality and access to the special ports and buttons. I should also mention the double case – the Dual Hero System – which allows the user to simultaneously record with two Hero 3 + Black Edition cameras and later convert/combine the two 2D videos to a 3D video using their GoPro Studio video software. The case also also allows the capture of time lapse videos.

If you are into diving, GoPro has great news for you: a new waterproof case is available and it will keep your camera alive underwater at depths of up to 197 feet. The new camera software brings major improvements, including the SuperView mode (1080/70) and Auto Low Light mode that has higher frame rates. There is also a Protune setting available that brings further customization.

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