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Exetech XS-3: a real smartphone on your wrist

When most gadget manufacturers are trying really hard to create smartwatches that connect to your smartphones and allow you to control them, make phone calls or listen to music, a company from Italy has developed a smartwatch that doesn’t need the host in order to perform all those tasks.

The gadget is impressive with both its thickness and durable plastic case. Although it may not seem like much, under that 1.54 inch LCD screen with a rezolution of 240 x 240 we find “the engine”, meaning a dual-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of storage, 3G connection, a 2-megapixel photo camera, a battery with a capacity of 420 mAh (which could be replaced in need), a microSD slot and, of course, the SIM slot. As you may expect, the autonomy of the Exetech XS-3 smartphone is not that extensive, and it will last you 6 to 7 hours in normal use and 18 hours stand-by. If you plan to use the GPS function the battery will drain in 2,5 hours.


As you may expect, the smartwatch runs Android OS, so the the XS-3 is fully compatible with Google Play, but considering the size of the display, you will probably find a limited number of apps that are compatible with it. If you plan to buy this smartwatch you should prepare 350 euros for it.

Exetech XS-3 2

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