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Cargo containers transformed into 3 beautiful houses

Living in a cargo container is nothing new, since people are using these transport items for a long period of time. Usually, every time we face a housing crisis, these types of containers can be used as houses for the ones in need. Artists like Poteet Architects teach us that you can actually transform such dull structures into beautiful and cozy homes. As they say… all you need is love, and a drop of inspiration.

cargo containers 1

cargo containers 2

cargo containers 3

cargo containers 4

container guest house

The following cargo container house was built using additional exterior modules, a predominant red color and a stylish design.


Sometimes, designers will go the extra mile and they will combine two or three such containers in order to create a modern house that will compete with architectural structures built from common materials:

container-home-floating-pillars 2



container guest house 1


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