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Apple files new patent for pressure-sensitive display

Steve Jobs’ legacy is in good hands so far, because folks at Apple are still trying to present great innovative products with every new release event. According to a source cited by AppleInsider, the next generation of smartphone displays could have a new feature that will bring new functionality to the device.

According to the news, a second second patent of a touch screen capable of detecting multiple pressure levels was filed. This technology allows the smartphone to recognize when the user presses harder or slower on the display, so we may have new ways of using the interface. A similar patent appeared last year, but now we have more details on how the technology actually works .

All smartphone manufacturers are currently in a race of creating a friendly interface that will bring more customers and Apple could easily collect the jackpot with this technology. This pressure-sensitive display that understands the difference between a light touch and a hard touch will probably transform the way we interact with our mobile. Even the way we unlock the iPhone could be customized, so it can store the points we push the stronger and easier. Also, we may experience a new generation of mobile games that will use this particular feature.


The new patent details how the integrated pressure sensors can be used with the technology that already exists in order to create an enhanced user experience. According to documents, the new screen would contain at least three pressure sensors in addition to the standard equipment of a multitouch display that can be found today in iPhone or iPad. When pressure is detected by sensors, its exact location will identified using triangulation methods.

Don’t get to excited about the news, there is a specific time frame from the moment any patent is filed and the moment it’s implemented in the device. I think that we’ll not see this feature available for iPhone 6.

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