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The Best Soundproofing Foam for a Home Recording Studio

The Internet is so big these days, it’s easier than ever to become a star. All you have to do is to become famous on Youtube, and the shows will start to appear. But before that moment, you need to record a great song. I’ve touched the recording studio topic a while back when I wrote about the best microphones for a home studio. Why pay for studio time when you can use the same money to build your own setup and maybe a business around it? Let’s think on this: if you want to record an album, you need to pay at least $1000 at a low-quality recording studio. You can use that amount to get your own equipment and to start making music like a pro. Of course, nothing comes over night… If you are a truly novice, you will have to read lots of tutorials on how to mix and master a song, how to place and how to connect all your items on your recording studio and how to sing properly.

Home Studio Insulator

The Best Soundproofing Foam
Today, I want to write about an important aspect of the recording studio that’s usually left on the side: the soundproofing foam. If you plan to get the best of your studio, you really need to acquire at least some foam panels for the recording boot/area. According to homefoam, placing the acoustic panels in your studio is far from difficult. You don’t have to cover everything! Use two large panels behind the studio monitors (to cancel the early reflections), use few panels on the side walls and few on the wall behind the mixing table. Also, you will need to add some bass trapping panels for the corners of the room, where the low frequencies tend to accumulate. Just watch the following video to understand how important it is to know how and where to place the Auralex┬« Acoustical products.

If you plan to get the best possible foam products, you should probably check the Auralex panels. They have multiple packages on Amazon like the starter kit or the complete Auralex Studiofoam Roominator Kit. If you plan to transform your studio into a real business, don’t go cheap! Save as much money as you can and get the real deal.