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How to Reduce Cell Phone Cancer Risk

The potential dangerous effects of cell phone usage is a debate that’s going on for a while. There are studies that found no correlation between cell phone usage and cancer, and many more studies that warned about the dangers of using cell phones for longer periods of time. I’m not going to throw numbers here, but I do want you to know that the electromagnetic radiation that’s emitted by these devices will damage the human tissue if the exposure is prolonged. That’s a fact. If you like to read between the lines and if you are aware of anything around you, then you should at least take into consideration the following advices regarding the way you use your phone. They will not save you from an imminent death (since there is no single study to conclude that cell phone usage will kill you fast), but they might help in the long run.

How to Reduce Cell Phone Cancer Risk

  • If you have children under 14 years old, don’t let them use smartphones for long conversations. The children’s skull is not strong enough to handle that type of radiation like we do. If you can, teach them to send texts. It’s safer for them.
  • Keep your conversations as short as possible. If you’re going to have longer conversations, use other means of communications (landlines, skype, FaceTime)
  • If you can, use short messages instead of conversations
  • Try to keep the cell phone away from your body in every possible case. When you talk, use the “speaker” function. If you carry the smartphone with you, keep it away from your pockets (if you can). The radiation received by the body is much weaker if the smartphone is inches away.
  • If you need to carry it in your pockets, place it with the display positioned toward the body. This way, the antenna that’s on the back will emit radiation to the exterior.
  • Use a wired headset as much as possible. It’s not fancy, but it’s safer!
  • If you need to speak with the cell phone to your ear, switch sides as much as you can. This will lower the amount of radiation received.
  • Don’t make long calls when you are in a moving vehicle. When the device is switching signal from one tower to another or when the signal is weak, the emitted radiation is much higher than usual.
  • Buy a cell phone with a low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

Maybe all these advices are too much for a person who was not aware of the cancer risk posed by cell phone usage, but you don’t have to follow them all at once. Start with the ones that are the easiest to do, and the rest will come very easy.