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iPhone 6: possible specs and features based on current rumors

Although back in the days Apple used to release only one single device per year, today’s market is all about variation. Its main competitors already followed the trend and released Samsung Galaxy Minis and HTC Minis. As you already now, in the last 2 years Apple decided to adopt this strategy and released an iPad variation (the iPad Mini) and a variation to iPhone 5s (the cheaper iPhone 5c). The other day I was reading on MacRumors that in October 2014 we might see a larger iPad (with a 12.9 inch display). Although if this is only a rumor, one thing is certain: Apple is open to variation. writes that a Foxconn insider leaked important details regarding the upcoming iPhone 6. It will be available in two versions: with a 4.7 inch display and a 5.7 inch display. According to the same source, at least one of these devices will have an advanced form of security (Touch ID or Eye Scanner). We should expect these Apple devices to be released this year, in September.

I wonder if the following iPhone will have a front-full display, without the home button…

iPhone 6 Air
January 2014 update:

iPhone 6 Air

The Korean news website writes that the codename for the next Apple smartphone is iPhone Air. We can conclude that it will be extremely thin. The first iPhone had a thickness of s 12 mm, the iPhone 5S has a thickness of 7,6 mm and we can expect the iPhone Air to have a maximum thickness of 6mm.

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