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Top 10 gadget gift ideas for Christmas 2016

It’s that time of the year when we are supposed make our gadget wishlist for Christmas 2016. Buying all these gadgets along with the Christmas spirit will make us happy, cheerful and it will make us enjoy the best of the winter. The most important event of the end of the year is Christmas, the annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ and the best time to give and receive wonderful (and hopefully much awaited) gifts. As expected, we have a lot of options to choose from, but if you are a gadget addict like I am, you will probably spend all your budget on these wonderful toys for grown ups. While I was compiling a special gift list for my friends, I saw so many cool gadgets that inspired me to make my own. So, in this article, I have picked some of the most interesting Christmas 2016 gadget gift ideas that you should take into consideration when you are making your Christmas shopping for you or your loved ones.

iRobot Roomba 660

iRobot Roomba 660

If you are tired of cleaning your room floor then you should definitely add this small robot to your inventory. The Roomba 660 will pick every piece of debris and dirt from your floor, thanks to its 3 stage system of cleaning and its acoustic sensor. All you have to do is start the device and forget about it, while it will quietly finish the job for you. It can be even scheduled to clean your house even when you are not home. Check it here.


Apple iPad Mini 2

There is nothing more to be said about this gadget, but I can let you know why I have chosen it over iPad Air. I like the iPad Mini more because it’s more portable, it’s cheaper, it features the same Retina display and you get comparable computational power with the iPad Air. For me, this is the ultimate tablet of 2016.

iKettle Christmas 2016 wish list


Since everything gets wireless these days, it was only natural to find a wireless kettle that can be controlled by a smartphone. With this device around your house, you can control when and how it will prepare a hot drink from you, directly from your bed. You will probably think that iKettle is for lazy people and you may be right. But I truly believe it’s for people who are creative and for people who love the ultimate comfort and the best coffee.

Pebble Watch


In the beginning of this year there were a lot of rumors about smart watches and their actual impact on the gadget market. After the Samsung Galaxy Gear disappointment (this is my own opinion), folks have focused their attention on a cool smart watch that’s different from any related product on the market. First, it’s compatible with Android and iOS, so you don’t need to worry about having a particular smartphone. Then, the battery. A lot of smart watches today will last up to 2-3 days before needing to be charged. According to most users, Pebble lasts for one week, it’s waterproof and you can customize the time display just the way you want. Get it now for around $100.

smart ebike

Smart eBike

Who said you can’t ride a bike in winter season? With the Smart eBike, you can travel fast and light in the city, but you can also ride through various landscape forms for longer distances. This bike features an unique battery pack, a belt drive instead of a chain drive (so it’s cleaner and lighter), smartphone integration for GPS navigation and three ride functions (no assist, full assist and generative breaking for charging the battery). According to the manufacturer’s promotional video, the battery will last up to 100 kilometers, so there is more than plenty juice for you to use.


JBL Flip Speakers

You can’t have a Christmas without the famous Christmas songs, and there is no better way to listen to your favorite tunes than a wireless Bluetooth speaker. There are many alternatives on the market, but somehow, the JBL Flip Speaker was the most appealing to me. I love it in black, you can also find it in red, blue and green.

sifteo cubes

Sifteo Cubes

When was the last time you got your friends together and said to them “Hey, you wanna see something cool?”… The Sifteo Cubes are the next generation gadgets built on the same principle used to create Lego toys and with the same consideration found in Apple products. These intelligent cubes are connected to each other, and when you use them with the same app, they work like magic. You don’t have to trust me, you just need to see this Youtube video. Also, you can heck their price and additional specs on Amazon.

Nest 2.0 Smart Thermostat

Nest 2.0 Smart Thermostat

As I said earlier, this year we love wireless devices. I was not going to add this gadget to my list, but while I was getting in touch with other people’s Christmas 2016 wish lists, I found Nest amongst other products. So, I started to search for reasons why it’s so popular. Everyone love this device because it’s simple to use, it has it’s own learning system and it can be remotely controlled from any smartphone, even if you are not at home. But the most important aspect is that Nest 2.0 will reduce your energy bill by learning your daily routines and habits, so it will turn down the heating system when you are not home or when you don’t need it. Did I mentioned that it also has a great design?


The Dark Knight Trilogy Boxed Set

What’s more to say here… A Batman fan needs no introduction to this package. If you decide to buy this boxed set, you will get all the The Dark Knight movies and something extra, the famous Batman mask from the third movie in the series.


Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera

This gadget came to my attention few days ago, when I learned that Amazon is planing to use air drones to ship packages by air in less than 30 minutes from purchase. So, I guess these Air Copters are pretty hot these days right? Anyway, I want one. With or without the camera. As long as I can control it with my iPhone, it’s perfect for me.

Final words…
I hope that at least some of the items I’ve chosen for this year top 10 catch your eye. I know, every year we see more and more gadgets on the market, so making an ultimate top 10 list is an impossible task, especially if you plan to impress everyone. This is my top 10 gadget gift ideas for Christmas 2016 and I’m sure I can think of at least 20 more items to fit in here. Don’t get mad if you don’t find your favorite gadget in the list or if you think that I should have skipped some of these gadgets and add a smartphone (since there is none included). This is my own top and … don’t be shy let me know what’s your favorite gadget gift idea for Christmas 2016?