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Sub-Biosphere 2: An architectural concept for possible underwater habitat

Sub-Biosphere 2 is an ambitious concept project created by Phil Pauley that could accommodate 100 people underwater for a longer period of time.


Phil Pauley, the London designer passionate about underwater life, dreams of a city below sea level for a long time (for about 20 years to be exact). Now, with the Sub-Biosphere 2 project, he managed to show the world how he sees human life at great depths. Sub-Biosphere 2, a structure with 8 “domes” that can be completely functional and human compatible even at depths of 300 meters. It can accommodate around 100 people.

The architect says that the entire structure was designed to be autonomous, so the people aboard could live a normal life with enough air, water and food to keep them going for a longer period of time. The design was inspired by the old plans of University of California.

Creator of Sub-Biosphere 2 is preparing to release a youth literary trilogy: The Moral Order. The story of the books takes place in an underwater environment, a fascinating world for Phil Pauley.