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How to delete your digital identity from the Internet

Most social networks today know that each personal information of a user has its equivalent in money (in one form or another) and they will try to use every possible mean to keep that information for themselves. Deleting your personal data and your digital identity from the Internet is not an easy task, and you need to be prepared with a plan before starting such endeavor.

How to delete your digital identity from the Internet

Before even attempting to erase your identity, you need to decide what information you need to delete. Use the search engines to find the websites that hold your digital identity, make a complete list of them. Usually, these websites are social networks.

Websites like will guide you to the process, offering direct links to the “delete/disable account” for most social networks. Using such service, you will be able to delete your identity from websites like Facebook, Foursquare, Dropbox, Feedly, Amazon,, eBay. All you have to do is access the link from the main page of and complete the process. Every website has one of 4 levels of difficulty for deleting the account: easy, medium, hard and impossible.

You will find out that websites like EdX, Evernote, Craigslist, Kik, MyOpenID, Netflix, Pinterest, Pinterest, Steam, Udacity, Wikipedia and make it impossible to delete your account, so you’ll have to use a workaround in order to delete your identity: modify the data on those accounts in order to create a fake identity. Your old one should be lost in the process.

There is no ultimate method for deleting your digital identity from the Internet with one single click, but using the advices above will speed up the process. Most websites allow you to delete the data with one single click, while others make it impossible for you to disable your account. As usual, there is a workaround for everything, but no one guarantees that your original identity will be lost forever. The ultimate safe-method is to pay attention on what website you decide to enter your personal information…

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