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Which console to choose? Xbox One or PS4?

As Gamescom 2013 is coming to an end, I have to draw the line and say that Sony and Microsoft have just prepared their final moves for the end of this year. Most details about the upcoming two consoles, PS4 and XBox One, were already released by gaming and tech websites, and hardcore games need to make a choice. Which one will you choose?


PS4 and Xbox One are the next generation gaming consoles packed with enough “muscles” to seduce even a novice player like me. During this year’s edition of Gamecom, Microsoft invested a lot of effort to convince us about the quality of HTC One, after they had a bad start at E3 involving their DRM policy. Both consoles have their strengths points, some involving the game titles, some involving the price, some involving the features.

xbox-one console

Xbox One has probably the best line-up in the history of gaming consoles, with a total of 23 games available, many of them exclusive titles. Microsoft is also counting on Kinect to boost their sales, hoping that the Xbox accessory to become an indispensable tool in every room. The new Xbox One has an effective user interface, and Microsoft created this gaming machine as a real media-center. If you live in Europe then you are lucky, because you can pre-order the Xbox One console now for 499 Euros (Kinect included) and you will get Fifa 14 for free. In US, the Xbox One console will be available for $499.99.

PS4 Gaming Console

PS4 also features many strengths. First, it’s cheaper than Xbox One, since it costs only $399 in US. In addition, Sony offers a pack of interesting games and we can hope for more exciting titles to come in the future, since Sony has a history of teaming with some of the best studios in the world. Games like God Of War will probably be released exclusively for PS4. If you’ll get the Vita Remote Play you can enjoy the PS4 experience on the small screen of your laptop. Another interesting thing about PS4 is that it’s available in several European countries that are forgotten by Microsoft (like Belgium).

Although choosing your next gen console is a matter of personal taste, I think I’m going to stay with XBox One. I have a large number of games already bought that I hope are playable on One as well, and I love the Kinect games.

Have you chosen your next gen console? Why? PS4 or XBox One?
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