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Miracles of Mother Nature: Strange Trees

Mother Nature manages to forge with craftsmanship and unmistakable precision, just like the director of a classic movie, to create an astonishing visual show. These surprising phenomena become places whose beauty surpasses any imagination. All over the place, perfect or strange shapes can be seen, adding more details to the everlasting movie that is skillfully assembled by Nature for many thousands of centuries. Be amazed by some of the greatest and strangest shaped trees meet on our planet, Earth.

Bottle Tree

Bottle Tree

This tree has the scientific name of Brachychiton Rupestris. It is shaped like a bottle, and it is part of the family Sterculiacea, that originated from Australia. This strange tree body is extremely swollen, with a special appearance, which added weight when the name “Bottle Tree” was chose for it. When this tree grows bigger, it reaches 18-20 m, but for that it needs about fifteen years. Flowers are bell-shaped and are hidden in the leaves. The origin of this weird Bottle Tree is unexplained.


The Baobab Tree

As they get older, The Baobab Trees become hollow after a few thousand years, the space can accommodate even a … small house. One such tree exists near the Limpopo Province in South Africa and has for over 6000 years old. The scientists say that when that tree grew up, Sahara was still green. The common Baobab has a circumference of about 40 m and a height of 20 m and can accommodate up to 20 people and it is the oldest tree in the world.


The Hyperion Tree

This tree is the tallest tree in the world and can be found in National Park ofn California. He was discovered by two hikers, Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. After they have climbed it and measured it, they concluded that is has 115.62 m above ground, almost twice the height the Statue of Liberty, without socket. To confirm the exact height of the tree, a team of researchers, led by ecologist Steve Sillet from Humboldt State University, repeated the measurement. The location of the tree was not revealed to keep the curious at bay.

the burmis tree

The Burmis Tree

This tree became the subject of many paintings and other art forms, it is the most photographed tree in the world. It is located in Burmis, Alberta (Canada) and is actually a flexible pin. Although the tree “died” in 1970, when it is estimated to have had between 600 and 750 years, the tree does not show signs of rotting. What’s weird about it, is the fact that it seems to be alive, even without the roots. In 1998, the tree was knocked down by a strong wind, but the locals have made efforts and brought him back to the starting position. For community of Burmis, the tree became a symbol of eternal youth and life without death.

disclaimer: The photo associated with the Hyperion Tree paragraph is not actually the Hyperion Tree.